This Story is So Disgusting I Really Don’t Want to Type it

So I just copy and paste it!
This literally made me cringe when I first heard it, and I squirm every time I think about it.

Do you know how an ESKIMO kills a WOLF up North in the Arctic snow?

He dips a sharp knife in the warm blood of a dead moose. The blood freezes. He dips it again and freeze another layer of blood onto it. He dips it again and does it several times until there are several layers of blood on this sharp knife.

At nighttime, he buries the handle in the snow, leaving the sharp blood-covered blade pointed upwards. He goes to bed.

Along comes a wolf who sniffed out the blood from a mile away… He loves the scent and taste of it, and begins to lick the blade. He’s thinking he’s lucky to have found a tasty treat. He licks, and licks harder and faster, and licks the blade up and down… He’s not noticing the fresh lacerations and cuts on his tongue. It tastes so good – and it’s so cold – the wolf doesn’t notice that soon: he’s licking his own blood. His own blood is freezing onto the blade, but he keeps licking it furiously, thinking he wants to get all this tastiness.

In the morning, the Eskimo returns to find a dead wolf, lying in his own blood.

SIN is the same way. Satan leaves us blades covered with stuff that we like, and we lick ourselves to death… Thinking that we are Enjoying Life.

We keep licking the lust & pornography…We keep licking the wicked music… We keep licking wicked entertainment… We keep licking that person we aren’t married to… We keep licking drugs & drunkenness… We keep licking fear and hatred and groupism.

We think “It tastes good”, “It’s not that deep”, “It’ll be okay,” “I’m smart/grown/religious/not religious – I can handle it.” We don’t know that we’re DYING in sin.

That’s why Jesus said: “If you do not repent, you will die in your sins.”

Jesus wasn’t mad at you when He said that.. He said that because he felt sorry for you… You are like a dying dog, enjoying the blade that kills you.

Jesus came to set you free from all that! He can change your heart. You don’t have to enjoy sin and kill yourself on it. Stop licking the blade!

Jesus took the sin blade for you, then conquered it and conquered satan by rising from the dead. Now you don’t have to fall into the same trap and die in your sins.

If you believe this, you should be constantly saying and confessing “I Believe in Jesus as who He said He was, the God sent solution to my problems and the world’s problems” And stop killing yourself. Follow Jesus, and Jesus only.

If you think this message is beneficial, please use the share button or forward it to share it. I’m glad I’m done with it and I really don’t want to type it again.

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