TRANSFORMATION BLUEPRINT: It Will Take Obedience and Patience

Godly Families that worship Jesus, live by the Word, and are filled with the Holy Spirit create Godly Churches…

Godly Churches Preach, Pray and create peaceful Communities, Cities, and States, and Nations…

Peaceful Governments enforce God’s justice and create the atmosphere of safety, liberty, and creativity for Prosperous businesses….

Industrious , prosperous, and generous businesses use the Spirit of Wisdom to create natural products to feed and provide for Families.

Show me between TEN to TWENTY Families – 100% Obedient, Holy, Bold, and Loving families with hearts all the way turned towards God (forgiven by the Father, cleansed by the Blood of Jesus and delivered by the Holy Spirit from natural adultery, spiritual idolatry, divorce, and apostasy) – and Within 40 Years you will see COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION in the city and/or nation!!!!

Ecclesiastes 7:8
8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof:
and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

All this will be done by the Spirit of the Lord, not by might or power. All we have to do is believe it with our actions and present our bodies as living sacrifices!

But it will take action.

Can we get TEN or TWENTY Obedient men?

Where are you?

If you want to follow this blueprint in Detroit then message me in the comments or on Facebook.