Should I have Mercy on the Wolf, or on the Bleeding Lamb in the Wolf’s Mouth

If I am a shepherd, should I have mercy (covenant faithfulness) on the wolf, or mercy (covenant faithfulness) on the bleeding lamb caught in the wolf’s mouth? If I flee, I am a hireling. If I follow the Chief Shepherd, I lay my life down for the sheep. If I keep covenant faithfulness (mercy) with the wolf in eating the sheep, then what am I?

Those that know the Shepherd follow the Shepherd. Those that don’t, follow the stranger.

Those that know the Shepherd follow the Shepherd. Those that don’t, follow the stranger.

John 10
4 And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.
5 And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

Abel and Cain were Both Worshippers

Have you ever considered that both Cain and Abel were trying to worship God?

It’s not like Cain was out to glorify Satan on purpose. He was doing what he wanted to do “for God.”

So why was Cain’s offering rejected, and Abel’s accepted? Why did Cain end up a murderer, and Abel end up dead? What was the point?

From the beginning, God made it clear that it takes the shedding of Blood to cover sin. He killed an animal to cover Adam and Eve. Both Cain and Abel knew that.

Abel obeyed God and offered from his care of the flock.

Cain disobeyed God and offered to God from his work in the field.

God doesn’t need the works of your hands if you don’t participate in the care for His flock. The Slain Lamb will always be in his flock, and true shepherds feed the flock.

There’s a lot of being offered to God that God is completely rejecting, because those that offer it are rejecting the Lamb and disregarding his flock.

They esteem the works of their hands, their talent, their money making and fundraising ability above obedience to the Lamb and feeding His flock the exact food He gives in due season (John 21:16-17) (Luke 12:42-48).

Don’t be a modern day Cain, trying to offer God worship without the Lamb and His flock. We can’t give God what we want instead of giving Him what He asked for.

Sheep, Wolf, or Swine? Which one Are You?

Wolves dance with wolves, swine herd with demons and sheep follow the Shepherd… the voice of a stranger they WILL NOT FOLLOW. So if a spiritual leader switches from the narrow road to the broad road to destruction, and you keep following them like nothing happened… you are a swine or a wolf, not a sheep. SMHCrying i seen it happened with my own two eyes.

Spiritual Food Chain

If you don’t care when the wolf eats the sheep, why do you get mad when the shepherd kills the wolf? John 10.

It’s just the spiritual food chain:
Teachers eat false prophets.
Prophets eat false apostles.
Apostles eat false teachers and unbelievers.

These are the spiritual checks and balances that keep the Body of Christ pure and growing. To “eat” means to bring spiritual correction and repentance.

When the sheep are being spiritually killed and consumed, nobody cares. Then when the Chief Shepherd does His job everybody wants to act like its time for compassion.

That’s because most people don’t see with spiritual eyes, they only see an earthly minded perspective. So hirelings flee when they see the wolf. But the Chief Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.