Should I have Mercy on the Wolf, or on the Bleeding Lamb in the Wolf’s Mouth

If I am a shepherd, should I have mercy (covenant faithfulness) on the wolf, or mercy (covenant faithfulness) on the bleeding lamb caught in the wolf’s mouth? If I flee, I am a hireling. If I follow the Chief Shepherd, I lay my life down for the sheep. If I keep covenant faithfulness (mercy) with the wolf in eating the sheep, then what am I?

Spiritual Food Chain

If you don’t care when the wolf eats the sheep, why do you get mad when the shepherd kills the wolf? John 10.

It’s just the spiritual food chain:
Teachers eat false prophets.
Prophets eat false apostles.
Apostles eat false teachers and unbelievers.

These are the spiritual checks and balances that keep the Body of Christ pure and growing. To “eat” means to bring spiritual correction and repentance.

When the sheep are being spiritually killed and consumed, nobody cares. Then when the Chief Shepherd does His job everybody wants to act like its time for compassion.

That’s because most people don’t see with spiritual eyes, they only see an earthly minded perspective. So hirelings flee when they see the wolf. But the Chief Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.