Maafa21 Black Genocide Video #11 – Corporate Connections from Hitler to Today’s Planned Parenthood

Maafa21 Black Genocide Video #11 – Corporate Connections from Hitler to Today’s Planned Parenthood

The same company that designed gas chambers and produced the gas for Hitler’s death camps, is the same company that designed the RU-486 birth control pill that is used in abortion clinics. Both times, they were funded by Rockefeller. Who inspired Bill Clinton to remove abortion restrictions and promote it in foreign countries. Planned Parenthood received $1 Millions a day. They have a commercial to show how a black man should perform oral sex on a white man.

Maafa 21

This documentary contains historical facts and the connections between racism and racial genocide in corporate America, and that has extended across the nations of the earth. This video has been up since January 2010, and yet some of the most important parts of this video have under 2000 views. That is a crying shame!

My Goal:

I want to add 10,000 views to each of the videos in this series. So:

  1. You can help by watching each 10-15 minute clip on your break from work, or on your phone or computer.
  2. Then pass it on to 4 more people and have them watch it each day! Link it, forward it, tweet it, facebook it!

Warning: Do not get angry. This documentary is not about being mad at any humans, or creating reverse racism – it’s about Truth that sets us free from the deceptions of satan. When we shine the light of truth together, darkness has to flee! The Mercy of the Lord endures forever, on every nation!

A Prayer to Pray Aloud:

“Jesus, I plead Your Blood over my sins, and the sins of my nation. Father, end abortion, end racism, and send revival to America.” 

Let’s do it!