Matthew 18 is not a Copout

“I love this “make a bunch of money off of iniquity and nobody can say anything about it because you are Christian” Matthew 18 copout theology.

Since they can only contact me personally before they say anything, all I have to do is ignore them and keep the money rolling in. It’s a perfect environment for me to get rich off compromise and still make it seem like I’m serving God. Perfect atmosphere for me to let other wolves in sheeps clothing into the flock. I hate these troublemakers always preaching the truth boldly, they cramp my style.” – says the false prophet and deceiver of the last days in Matthew 24.

Matthew 18 is not a copout. Hirelings flee when the wolf comes to eat the flock (John 10).

People that care for the Body speak the Word and rebuke with all authority they don’t play political games while young believers are having stumbling blocks cast into their path.

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