In order to understand and contend with government sponsored abortion, you first must understand it for what it is fundamentally and spiritually: a strategy of sorcery against the Negro/Hebrew people.

Just like Pharoah tried to destroy the male infants in Moses generation to prevent Deliverance…

Just as Herod tried to destroy the male infants in Jesus’ generation to prevent Deliverance…

The Babylon Empire has tried to destroy this generation of male infants of the Scattered Israelites across the face of the earth. Satan is trying to prevent a Massive Movement of Deliverance. But YAHUAH will prevail thru the Body of Christ!

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Motherhood Anointing of Deliverance for Israel

When Yah was sending deliverance for Israel thru Moses, 1571 BC – abortion was declared by Pharoah.

When Yah was sending deliverance for Israel and the Gentiles thru Jesus, 0 AD – abortion was declared by Herod.

Yah is sending a generation of deliverers for Scattered Israel, and since 1973 – abortion has been declared by the US Government.

Yet it was the Motherhood Anointing that preserved deliverance. Moses mother, sister, Pharoahs daughter, Mary, Elizabeth, carried forth Gods purpose to protect and preserve the young men God was sending.

Who will carry on the Motherhood Anointing to contend with the abortion decree for our people?