Do We Even Know Our Father’s Culture?

We publicize our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving because we don’t have the leadership of our Father. He actually rewards us for doing those in secret.

We privatize repentance, holiness, judgment, and the wisdom of God because we don’t have the leadership of our Father. He rewards us for putting those out in the open.

Do we really know our Father in Heaven?
Do we even know His Family Culture?

Are we bringing our fatherlessness into the Family of God, or are we being healed?

Are we people pleasers or do we want to please our Father in Heaven?
Jesus and His Father are ONE!

Speak wisdom and talk judgment

American Christianity has it totally backwards. In American Christianity judgment is a bad thing, and offense has to do with the state of your emotions.

In the kingdom of God, continually talking about the judgments and the rewards of God helps you to keep your steps on God’s Path, which is the biblical definition of not being offended (not stumbling off of God’s path).

“I constantly speak wisdom and talk about God’s judgments, and none of my steps shall slide!”

Psalms 37
30 The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom,
and his tongue talketh of judgment.
31 The law of his God is in his heart;
none of his steps shall slide.
– King David

You Mean All You Want is a Car, House, and Cash? Seriously?

Gods Rewards are infinitely greater than the ones man can give…

Revelation, the Holy Spirit, a prudent wife, Children, Favor, creativity, witty inventions, the fear of the Lord, Knowledge of the Holy, wisdom & understanding, Godly seed, fruitful disciples that don’t fall away, grace, power, the anointing… And thats not even counting the rewards heaven holds till after you die!

Gods Rewards are less materialistic and more eternal, but men boast about the things that are an abomination in Gods sight. Luke 16

Patience Lets You See the Eternal

One of the benefits of patience is that it allows you to see the eternal over the temporary, and get rewards from God instead of temporary praise from men.

God Hides His Rewards

God always hides his biggest rewards behind a big bloody cross… So that those who are scared to suffer with Him can never really reign with Him.

But if you embrace the obedience – the reward is coming.

Read Phillipians 2
Read Hebrews 5:8