The Devil is More Like a Radio Station than Halloween

I just had the unfortunate experience of riding in someone’s car who was listening to the radio. In about 20 minutes, I heard a song about having sex like gorillas (by a guy who sings about being kicked out of heaven), another beautiful song trying to make homosexuality aka the “love of boys” into the same love as a husband and wife, while disrespecting the Bible because it “was written 3500 years ago”, and a bunch of fun emotional songs psychologically designed to encourage and motivate people to keep on have fun orgies and drinking parties no matter how hard life gets, and “even if the sky is falling.”

This wasn’t a gangster rap station, this was regular suburban pop radio kiddie music. While i was hearing it, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of the book of Revelations when people refused to repent even after seeing God do signs in the heavens and destroy the anti-Christ kingdom.

I used to wonder, how could an entire generation reject God even as He’s showing off His power and no one can doubt that He’s real? I got my answer: Demonized Emotional Musical Brainwashing from an early age. These songs were masterfully designed to create cold hearts that will avoid repentance even when faced with the truth and power of God. If you want to deliver anyone in this generation – fasting and prayer are not optional.

This basically confirmed everything I’ve been learning about the devils devices.

The Devil is More Like a Radio Station than Halloween

When you hear about the devil, don’t think about “Halloween.”

When you hear about the devil, think about “the hottest radio station”: appealing, deceiving, subtle, musical, talented, talkative, funny, merchandising, competitive, lying, double tongued, genius, trying to control the airwaves around you.

Trust me, that’s a much more biblical picture of the devil than a Halloween costume.

2 Corinthians 2
11 lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

So this begs the question… In Christ the devil is defeated, so how do we enforce that victory as the Body of Christ?

Tune the devil out and turn on your own radio station: W.O.R.D. 66Books FM! “All the Word All the Time, No Commercials.” Sing Along with the Holy Spirit!

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