Consistent Direction

The Spirit of Holiness does not require immediate perfection, but a consistent direction.

Read 2 Cor 6:12-7:2

Perfection is a Requirement, Because Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus Is Christianity

Perfection is not a requirement to become a Christian. However repentance is. And once you become a follower of Christ it is a requirement to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ.

When you keep your eyes on Jesus Christ you become mature and perfect, in a progressive manner, because we are transformed into his image the more we gaze upon him spiritually.

When you take your eyes off of Jesus Christ spiritually, you end up deceived and deceiving other people.

Complete perfection? No.
Progressive Perfection? Yes.
Traveling further along the narrow road? Yes.
Switching to the broad road? No.

When you are a true worshiper of God in spirit and in truth it will not be hard to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, continue to move from glory to glory, and never stray off the narrow road.

Read 2 Corinthians 3
Phillipians 3