I am Not a Media Whore, I am an Eternal Soul, so I will write in the Candidate I Choose

I am not a power whore, a money whore, or an influence whore. I am an eternal soul, who will give an account to God for every action and every word and deed that I choose to commit in my own body.

Therefore, as a person, I refused to sow any seed into anything I do not believe in, nor will I be coerced to do so. So I don’t have to choose to vote for either of two candidates the media presents. I will write in my candidate.

If we are a country where we can be brainwashed or forced to choose between two candidates who both represent the problem, then why are we voting anyway? Once you give away your soul, you’ve lost it.

I will write in Ron Paul, and this is why.

And this is why.

And this is why.

And this is why.

The only other candidate I may consider doing some more research on is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. I don’t know much about him, but the only problem I see with him is that he thinks that gay marriage is a right. I can kind of get this point, gay marriage is a right. It’s a right to destroy your body and burn in hell, but it is a right.

The reason I say that is because the role of government is to enforce contracts and laws, not to enforce religion. If two men want to contract with one another to have gay sex, then that’s definitely a gross sin with gross natural and spiritual punishments, but it is a contract. Scared preachers who wont preach about the consequences of sin or hell, but then want the government to do their job? They’re the problem.

Abortion, however, is very different, because it is actually murder, which is against the law.

Ron Paul’s first book was about the ending of abortion. Ron Paul would break up the abortion industry by taking away its federal power, so that it falls to the states. Of course, the abortion industry wasn’t having that so they made you choose between Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney, neither of who going to do anything to change abortion.

I will have to investigate Gary Johnson’s thoughts on abortion before I consider voting for him.

But for now I will manage my own soul and write in a candidate that I actually believe tells the truth – Ron Paul.