Democrats & Republicans vs Kingdom Libertarians

Democrats sell justice and progress but give corruption and economic Bondage.

Republicans sell freedom and prosperity but give lies, useless wars and Bondage.

Jesus sells Truth and gives Liberty and Freedom. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you Free. (John 8) Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty! (2 Corinthians 2)

If you don’t drown yourself in the truth, die and then resurrect in a higher level of obedience, you are in bondage now and you’ll still be in bondage after this November.

Jesus is coming soon, and His Kingdom Cannot be shaken! (Hebrews 12)

His literal physical political government on earth will be a Kingdominion based on truth and liberty, and it will never stop increasing. You need to start practicing obedience now! (Revelations 19-22, Isaiah 9)

Live Insight: notice in Isaiah 9, the bible says His kingdom will never stop increasing, and is peaceful. Jesus’s Kingdom is one of peaceful increase. All of the violence of the kingdom is only used to punish lawbreakers, not to force allegiance.

This is a critical insight to understand the libertarian nature of the Kingdom of God. He is a man of war (Revelations 19) only to punish sin (the transgression of the law). In Revelations 19:15 it says He punishes the nations with a sharp sword from his mouth, then He rules with a rod of iron. The sword of war is for the initial takeover, then He switches to an iron rod for governing. A rod is a shepherding/fathering tool, but an iron rod inflicts great pain. You would never use an iron rod on your children. Nations that transgress after the initial takeover will experience painful discipline.

But in matters of allegiance He never forces by war. He increases his kingdom over time, with truth, discipline, and peace… This takes patience ( around 3000 years from when He first came to be generally exact).

This is a major contrast with both Democrats, Republicans, and Islamists. Democrats increase with lies, Republicans increase by war. They both give economic bondage. Islamists use both, and give religious bondage.

Jesus Kingdom uses truth, freedom, discipline, and peace. He only uses violence to punish lawbreakers.

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