Q: My brother so In a couple places in the Word they talk about a pole built to asherah who was Asherah and what did the pole mean ?


A: Asherah was a fertility goddess, a very sexualized image of a woman. Kind of like the goddesses, pornographic images, and entertainment industry of today. It’s my belief that some of the Asherah poles were carved into the figure of a woman into the wood.


It celebrated the figure of a woman. I also believe another form of the asherah pole is when it’s carved into the form of the erect penis, aka a phallus symbol. Its basically the idolatry based on the sexuality of the human body.


I believe that the stripper pole is essentially the same effect as the Asherah pole. It represents the worship of the the female body and the worship of the penis.


The same devils that were worshipped in the Bible are worshipped in our cultures today, but just under different names.


When women dress seductively instead of modestly, its to excercise manipulative power (witchcraft) over sinful men. When men ingest pornography, and use our eyes to lust after women that are not our spouses (feeding our sexual desires), we are participating in the same form of idolatry.

When Christians celebrate Easter, aka Ishtar, aka Asherah and we see a bunch of heathens dress up seductively, chase Ishtar eggs and bunnies in the celebration of fertility, we are giving homage to the same devils.


Another name for Asherah was actually “The Queen of Heaven.” This is why Roman Catholics love to place Mother Mary as a part of the Godhead. She is the “Queen of Heaven.” Its the same devil worship in different form.

A lot of witches will teach that Asherah was the partner of Yahuah, as if the Most High needed a Goddess to help Him.


But actually if you check the Scriptures Asherah and Ishtar were only worshipped when BAAL, the false idol of Power was worshipped. We know that God the Father, and His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit complete the image of the One God.


Yahuah never needed Baal, Asherah, or Molech to help Him provide rain, food, and fruitfulness for His people. When they turned to these false gods, they were punished harshly.


Asherah worship and female Goddess worship was always a form of witchcraft and rebellion. It appeals to those with a rebellious heart and a desire for feminist disorder instead of submission to the Order of the Most High.