What’s needed? Revival or Building? Turning or Fundraising?

Which Word does God send for revival (turning hearts of a people back to Himself): a word of humility, practical change and obedience, or a word of excitement, declaration and momentum? Which word is sent for building a temple or building unity?

Check the bible to see which word is sent for which purposes.

Yes, there is a time for everything. But, we have to ask ourselves and be honest: what time is it now?

3 Biblical Ways to Support Your Ministry Financially: Financial Support, Funding for Ministry

Jesus was a carpenter, and Paul made tents. Both Jesus and Paul established new churches. When you are bringing progress to the Kingdom you can’t always join an established well paid, well endowed ministry. New wine needs new wine skins. You have to go establish the Kingdom where God sent you.

The key is to do it Gods way (working with your hands i.e. a natural business or job, or establishing new churches that will support your ministry) not the devils way – (partner with the wicked to do your ministry.)

So to summarize: there are three (3) biblical ways to support your ministry (including family, which is your highest and most important ministry ) financially. Two are from God, and one is from the devil.

1. Work with your hands, in a job or a business that has a natural product that does not affect anyone spiritually. I.e., the carpenter or a tent maker. Do your ministry separately.

2. Minister to and Raise support from believers and churches, or build new churches that will support your ministry.

3. Partner with the wicked, join them in ministry, and claim that you are advancing the kingdom. Biblically, this is what you do if you are a false prophet and greedy for extra gain.

You have three options, and they all work pretty well – which ones will you choose?

The only way you choose #3 is if you are too lazy and prideful to work with your hands on a natural job, or too lazy, prideful and greedy to minister to churches or start new churches that God may have called you to start.

If you choose the right ways to provide for your ministry and your family – you, your family, and your entire generation will be much better off both naturally and spiritually.

God moves in strong to transform circumstances when He sees obedience.