Free from Fake Culture

Ever since God gave us the revelation of the Iniquity of Motown, we’ve been free from FALSE black culture. But the Hebrew revelation got us EXTRA FREE! lol…

No that’s not our music, that’s the oppressors music. No that’s not my culture. Scripture is my culture! The gifts are ours, but the corruption is NOT. I’m FREE!

The formula for destroying Hebrew people was written thousands of years ago by Balaak and Balaam. Pay the prophets to corrupt the people, then destroy the people!

The original music of my culture is not Motown, Hip Hop, Jazz, or Negro Spirituals… its written in Psalms and its sung with strings, tabrets, cymbals & horns #david #judah #hebrew #praise

For the Culture – What Culture? – We need a Real Culture!

A couple weeks ago my wife & I were trying to find a nice Hebrew owned restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. We had to go to like 4 different places to find one that didn’t turn into a club filled with women dressed like whores or playing ratchet sinful violent music. Then we finally found one and 90% of the menu was bottom feeders and unclean meats to support those amazing diseases I don’t want.

You’ll never be able to tell me that it’s not important for the African Diaspora aka the Dispersed of Israel to figure out who we really are (Isaiah 11:11, Zephaniah 3:9, Romans 11:11). We need to remember ourselves (2 Chronicles 6:37, Zechariah 10:9) and remember our culture of obedience to the Most High. This fake culture of Idolatry, entertainment, division, Babylon, ignorance and whoredom is killing us!

Plus it’s embarrassing! We’ve tried marching, organizing, dancing and everything else. Let’s try the Gospel of YAHSHUAH and the Commandments of YAHUAH.