Drake… Eminem… Gucci… Lecrae – EXPOSED!

In order to take the spiritual temperature of an individual or society, one must mark the music. – Plato

Artist: Drake
Song: I’m Goin IN
PURPOSE: To brag about forceful intercourse, fornication (sex outside of marriage), sin, and pride.

I’m going in [x4]
And I’ma go hard [x4]
B— I’m going in [x4]
And I’ma go hard [x4]
Sample Lyrics:
First off you know what it is if you heard drake making h–s wobble like a bridge in a earthquake /never see me out cuz I live in my workplace / chicks get hammered big d— bandit money flowing like a slit wrist no bandage blowin purple clouds / ni— I’m so sky high I aint cutting anybody slices out of my pie out of this world tho I’m so Sci-Fi

Song: Forever (ft Eminem, Kanye, Lil Wayne)
PURPOSE: To speak pridefully and sinfully about how they are the best and they have success in the music industry. They love telling lies, and they want to do this forever.

[Drake] It may not mean nothing to ya’ll, but understand nothin was done for me so I don’t plan on stoppin at all, I want this s— forever man, ever man, ever man. I’m shutting s— down in the mall and telling every girl she the one for me. And I ain’t even planning to call, I want this s— forever man, ever man, ever man, ever man.

Bloody and deceitful men will not live out half their days. (i.e, Tupac, Biggie, etc… google “premature death of rock stars”). Life is hard; but if you serve God with your talents, it will be better for you in the end.

But thou, O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in thee. Psalms 55:23
Give me control over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws. – Napoleon

Artist: Gucci Mane
Song: Bricks
PURPOSE: To brag about selling crack and cocaine and influence young people to do it as a job.

Bricks /All white bricks /Off white bricks /Light tan bricks /Just hit a lick, For 50 more bricks /Balling like a b—, with all these bricks /Bricks /36 zips /That’s a whole chick /Wanna bad b—? Gotta have bricks /Yea that make sense /Yea I make hits /But I still take bricks
Sample Lyrics:
So icy c.e.o, I’m a fool with the snow /They think I’m puttin’ v.v.s jewels in the coke /My watch a cool hundred, Paint-job a cold 20 /And after this flip I’m quittin’ the trap cold turkey, Sike!

Song: Wasted
PURPOSE: To brag about being high on drugs and drunk on alcohol at an orgy, Also to make a painful, dead-end lifestyle sound fun and appealing.

Rock star lifestyle might don’t make it /Living life high everyday click wasted /Sipping on purple stuff rolling up stanky /Wake up in the morning 10 clock dranking /Party, party, party, let’s all get wasted /Shake it for me baby girl, do it butt naked/ I’m so wasted, she so wasted shout the bartender /Send 20 more cases
Sample Lyrics:
I don’t wear tight jeans like the white boys /But I do get wasted like the white boys /Now I’m looking for a b– to suck dis almond joy /Said she gotta stop sucking ’cause her jaw’s sore

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus. Your sin will catch up with you. Don’t waste your life in sin – God Loves you too much. Romans 3:23, John 3:16
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Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten… now in the days of his youth, even before he is able to know the reason why. – Socrates

Artist: Eminem
Song: Lose Yourself
PURPOSE: To inspire people to do their best and live for the moment. (Without regard to future consequences).
Sample Lyrics:
The soul’s escaping, through this hole that it’s gaping /This world is mine for the taking
Make me king, as we move toward a, new world order /A normal life is boring, but superstardom’s close to post mortem /It only grows harder, only grows hotter

JESUS’S RESPONSE: What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul? Matt 16:26

Song: Stan
PURPOSE: To show people a worst-case example of someone following him.
Sample Lyrics:
I’m glad I inspire you but Stan /why are you so mad? Try to understand, that I do want you as a fan /I just don’t want you to do some crazy s—
I seen this one s— on the news a couple weeks ago that made me sick /Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge /and had his girlfriend in the trunk, and she was pregnant with his kid
and in the car they found a tape, but they didn’t say who it was to /Come to think about, his name was.. it was you D—!

When the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the ditch. Luke 6:39


Artist: LECRAE
Song: Breathin to Death
PURPOSE: To show the heart of a person that lives in sin but knows they need God.
Sample Lyrics:
I know I tell lies/ I know I do dirt /Apart from You I’m nothing/ but You can give me worth/ I don’t know if I know You /But still I know I should/ I know these days are evil and only You are good/ I’ve come to this conclusion I would like to change/ Cause all the world’s money and fame cannot sustain/ I know that I should turn/ but that’s the hardest thang/ Cause do I really feel that havin’ Jesus is my gain/ The world is so tempting/ satan is a beast/ he hypnotizes my eyes to say the least/ But Jesus be my treasure to know You is to live/ And I am here dying trying everything there is/ All I need here is You
Help me Lord before there’s no time left/ I ain’t living I’m just breathing to death (echo)/ Your ways are perfect and they lead me to rest/ Mine are evil and they lead me to death

Song: I Did It For YOU
PURPOSE: To open up his life struggles & hurts, and how he got God’s Love.
Sample Lyrics:
Single mother low income riding the bus/ Big momma making a fuss saying in God she trusts/ My uncles 20, I’m 10 taking gulps of gin/ He don’t realize that we all are engulfed in sin/ Gang bangers on the corner got me wanna be down/ Take a bullet for some city owned government ground/ By 25 everybody locked or dead/ Too busy playing around never looking ahead/ Every funeral, cats get upset and cry/ Turn their heads towards the sky trying to ask God why/ But they never looked up till then/ Every other day they concerned with the world and consumed in sin/Not Christ just heaven they want
They think clean means/ not trying to sling things out of their trunk/ Nobody ever told them heaven was spotless and we all dirty/That’s why we need a Holy God to wash us.

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BUT If God Be for us, WHO can be against us? One thing they can’t stop is God’s Fire, and the power of God’s People when we are on fire with His message! Acts 1:8: But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

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