Everything is Waiting for the Real Deals: So Let the Wolves Dance with Wolves, and Let the Sons Manifest

Everything is waiting, crying out and groaning, for the appearance of the true sons of God…

So let the wolves dance with wolves and let the sheep follow the Shepherd!

Manifest who you are in Christ!

This is NOT a dog eat dog world

This is not a dog eat dog world. This is a world that is going to end soon and Jesus Christ will come back and take dominion honor and glory over the whole earth. Then he will burn the humans that acted like dogs and wolf packs in hell forever.

Google Revelations 22:14-15

2 weeks later…

Guys told me for years that words don’t matter, we could call ourselves “dog”with no repercussions. Words aren’t powerful don’t be too deep.

And when snoop goes “positive” the first thing he does is change his name from dogg to lion.