Caring What People Think Is Useless

You’re worried about what blind people can’t see.

You can’t make that make sense.

Just obey God.

Confidence in the Truth vs Endorsements and Validation

Confidence in the Truth – Nobility of Mind

If you wait for someone who is heavily invested in a lie to tell you the real and effectual truth, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Stop waiting for big name endorsements. Have enough self-respect, integrity of character, nobility of mind, and due diligence to search out the truth for yourself and live by it.

Confidence in the Truth – Possess Value instead of Needing Validation

When you are desperate for validation, it just proves to others that you are needy because you don’t have anything valuable.
When the thorough gospel has been thoroughly rejected, we are not called to compromise and water down the gospel for acceptance, but to kick the dust off our feet and move on.
Let’s behave like we already have what is valuable, not like we need the enemy’s validation.

One Way to Heal Depression and Low Self-Esteem: TURN OFF THE SCREEN

One of the most untold curses of ungodly entertainment and media is that it is purposefully designed and crafted to fuel and create unrealistic desires, discontentment, comparison, and covetousness.

Many many people could heal their low-self esteem and depression simply by TURNING OFF THE SCREEN and denying the manipulators and marketers access to their soul. Get back into your actual real life and shut down the fantasies. You’ll get a part of your mind back that you never knew was gone. Try it for a month.

Don’t Ever Buy, Power, Influence, and Confidence from the Devil

The dumbest purchase is to buy from the devil what you already have for free in Christ. Luke 4 the devil tried to sell Jesus power influence and confidence but good thing Jesus already had it – or He would have signed with the devil and tried to make it look like He was still with God.

Its the same way in our lives. Whenever we try to “buy” power, influence or confidence from the devil to be accepted by the world system – its a sign of spiritual retardation.