What’s the Difference Between Condemnation and Conviction??

What’s the difference between condemnation and conviction?

Condemnation tells you you are going to hell and/or you are worthless.

Conviction tells you that your sins could take you to hell, and the sin you have done is very dangerous; but that you are very valuable and if you repent and turn to the heart of God, He is rich in mercy and grace – He will cleanse you and give you the favor and power to do great, mighty, and awesome things in his holiness.

Condemnation is going to prison.

Conviction is hearing the sentence, agreeing with the sentence, agreeing to change, then agreeing to be set free and saying “thank you.”

Condemnation leaves you trapped.

Conviction boxes you in, but leaves you a way out – repentance!

The Spirit of Elijah doesn’t Bring Condemnation

The Spirit of Elijah doesn’t bring condemnation – it brings conviction and purification by the fire of GOD and repentance and a returning back to the Heart of GOD and a restoration of the vision and plans of GOD and the appearing or manifestation of the Son of GOD.