don’t let peace & safety deceive you

The spirit of Antichrist comes to promise peace & safety for the community, while it does violence and disrespect to the times & laws of the Most High. 
Don’t allow “community positivity” to deceive you. God is not mocked.

Creative Long Term Evangelism for Your Community

Creative Long Term Evangelism For Your Community: Donate Christian Books to Your Local Library.

If they say they can’t take “religious” books, then demand that they remove every book about witches, magic, and witchcraft. That’ll be about half their children’s books. Wicca is a religion. Humanism (atheism) is a religion.

Doing this can Kill a Flock with a Rock – All in one fell swoop: Long term community evangelism, discipleship, apologetics, and confrontation of idolatry. Donate Christian books to your local library!

Ps if you’re looking for some books to donate, I suggest anything from