Apostolic Ministries are Transient in Several Different Ways

Apostolic Ministries are Transient in Several Different Ways

1. Apostles are CALLED TO GO: They travel a lot, because God wants them to.

They are called to GO regularly. Examples: Jesus’s ministry was a traveling ministry. Even when the original 12 apostles stayed in Jerusalem too long, persecution came to PUSH THEM to the NATIONS. Apostle Paul traveled all across Asia minor. He was content with being a prisoner because his trial mandated his travel to Rome.

2. Apostles are CALLED TO EXPOSE AND WEED OUT: They expose hard hearts, which many people don’t like.

The action oriented apostolic authority of Jesus as King tends to expose the iniquity in the hearts of people. Example: Phillip the evangelist preached the gospel to Simon the Sorcerer. Simon believed the gospel and was even baptized. But when the Apostles came the next day, Simon’s heart was exposed and his unrepentant iniquities were uncovered by apostle Peter. The evangelist is excited about the decision you made for your new beginning. The apostle is here to make sure you endure to the end. The apostle is not called to just INTRODUCE people into the kingdom, but is also anointed to PRODUCE eternal FRUITFULNESS, which can get very uncomfortable when the weeds that remain in hard hearts are exposed. Paul even had to confront his own fellow apostle Peter when the latter acted in fear and hypocrisy. Jesus even purposefully preached weed out messages that caused many disciples to leave him. Then He asked the twelve apostles: “Will you also go away?”

3. Apostles are CALLED TO TRAIN AND SEND: They equip people to go and fulfill their calling.

Apostles don’t need a large crowd of people following them. Example: apostle Paul traveled with a small team. He was called to many different regions to preach the gospel, build assemblies, and equip diverse groups of people to fulfill their role in the Kingdom of God. Jesus trained his apostles to do what He did: make disciples. Apostles are not called to collect followers, but to TRAIN soft hearts and SEND them to their true assignments.

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