Strong Meat is for the Mature

Deep Knowledge doesn’t make you mature. Research doesn’t grow you up. Only obedience can make you mature. Only using your body in obedient action to the Word can grow you up.

As a matter of fact, knowledge can MESS YOU UP if you are not obedient, submitted, and mature.

I’ve always been into a growth mindset, and once in my mid-teen years I found this book about improving your memory. So in was reading this book and going thru the steps, and it started out normal.

But towards the middle of the book as I was going thru the instructions on finding your inner guide and talking to them, I realized – “Wait a minute, they are trying to get me to ask for a demon!”

I was 30 minutes from asking for a demon and if the Holy Spirit didn’t stop me I don’t know where I would be today! Needless to say I threw the book away and have been very careful about what I read from that point on.

Its okay to be hungry for knowledge but if you don’t fear God enough to obey what you already know, you’re going to come across knowledge from a tree of good & evil that will MESS YOU UP!

The devil doesn’t have to get you hooked on sin, iniquity, or demons… all he has to do is start off by getting you hooked on information. 🌳

When it comes to spiritual things, I see many people hungry to learn and to regurgitate what they just learned but when it comes to obedience – there’s so much hesitation.

Those people end up worse off than when they started, because they develop a habit of lying to themselves, and they become super talented hypocrites that ultimately fail spiritually.

Make sure that your growth is coming from obedient action, not just from knowledge you get from books and videos.

Hebrews 5:14 But STRONG MEAT belongeth to them that are of FULL AGE, even those who by REASON of USE have their SENSES EXERCISED TO DISCERN both good and evil.

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