REALITY CHECK: Understanding Basic Economics – Fiat Currency vs Real Assets

REALITY CHECK: Understanding Basic Economics – Fiat Currency vs Real Assets

Think about it: If you were playing a game of monopoly, and you all were halfway thru it. Then all of the sudden your friend comes over with another monopoly set and gives everyone playing an extra $100,000.

What’s the first thing that will happen? Bids go higher because everyone has extra cash. Real estate always collects inflationary money first. It doesn’t mean the actual value goes up.

Life Lesson: Demonstrate your worth and ask for a significant raise. Or change jobs and switch to a higher income! Or start a profitable business that has real value. Invest in yourself before you buy more fiat currencies. Invest in the Kingdom of God by giving to the poor and by tithing to the tministry of the Word. Invest in your own business and your own family. Invest in your own idea. Invest in your own land. Invest in real skills, real assets, real money like silver and gold.

Get real value for your work, don’t just go with the currency flow. #RealityCheck

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