The Book of Daniel is DANGEROUS

One of the reasons Daniel is the most criminally underrated and untaught books of the Bible is that it reveals:

– The exact year Messiah would die, hundreds of years beforehand. (Non-messianic jewish people HATE this). This is how the wise men knew when to come and find Christ, because Daniel was a wise man (magi) in their company in Babylon when he wrote the book of Daniel.

– The identity of the Western Empire (Rome/England/America) as the 4th Beast. (Politically minded nationalists HATE this). This is clearly seen in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, and also reveals the time of the end.

– The identity of the antiChrist. (Pope followers HATE this). This is how every single reformer knew that the Papacy was antiChrist.

– How to Pray when it is time for prophecy to be fulfilled. Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9 is legendary. He had a prayer meeting that literally moved a whole nation – All By Himself. One Man + God’s Word > An Army!

As a bonus Daniel also shows you how to excel academically and professionally in a wicked culture, be fearless against evil power, do no-meat no-sweet fasts so you can seek God even when you are busy working, and pray 3 times a day for continuous power and intimacy with Yah.

Yep Daniel is a DANGEROUS book!

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