The Deliverance of a New Nationality

The Deliverance of Yah’s New Covenant People is for a specific reason.

It’s not for likes & subscribes on Social Media, or for pride & prejudice of a Hebrew Nation.

Jew & Gentile (Hebrews & Grecians, Bantus & Euros) will be ONE BODY in Messiah.

He will give Land, Labor, and Capital so that we can observe New Covenant Order in Messiah, and Keep His Laws.

Psalms 105:43 And he brought forth his people with JOY, and his chosen with GLADNESS:
44 And GAVE THEM them the LANDS of the heathen: and they INHERITED the LABOUR of the people;
45 That they might OBSERVE his STATUTES, and KEEP his LAWS. Praise ye the Lord.

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