YAH Rises Up Early Every Day

A true prophet of YAH warns of Judgement while praying for Mercy, and gives Hope to the Obedient. 🔟👑📖

Yah rises up early and sends His messengers to speak His words every single day.

He sends short prophets. He sends tall prophets.
He sends male prophets. He sends female prophets.
He sends old mature prophets. He sends young immature prophets.
He send black prophets. He sends white prophets.
He sends brown prophets. He sends yellow prophets.
He sends loud prophets. He sends soft-spoken prophets.
He sends harsh prophets. He sends nice prophets.
He sends funny & creative prophets. He sends calm & logical prophets.
He sends writing prophets. He sends singing prophets.

You will never be able to say that God didn’t warn you.

When you reject the Word of God you are not rejecting the personality of the messenger.

You are simply rejecting the Word of God, you are rejecting God Himself, and there are very serious consequences for being hard-hearted and stiff-necked.

Jeremiah 25:4
And the Lord hath sent unto you all his servants the prophets, rising early and sending them; but ye have not hearkened, nor inclined your ear to hear.

Soften your heart to the Word of God today!

1. Repent to God: TURN AWAY from your sinful ways and thoughts, and Keep God’s 10 Commandments.
2. Believe in and Obey Jesus the King: The Son of God’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection gave you the opportunity to get FORGIVENESS and SALVATION from your sins.
3. Get Baptized in Water: For your NEW LIFE and your New Beginning.
4. Pray for an Overflow of the Holy Spirit: Receive the POWER TO OBEY God, Demonstrate, and Tell others everything you have seen and heard about Jesus.
5. Be Taught and DISCIPLED in the Scriptures.
6. CONNECT with a Commandment keeping Assembly of Believers.
7. LISTEN to God’s Voice and OBEY God daily.

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