Let My People Go, That they May SERVE ME!

When Yah destroyed all the idols of Egypt and set our people free from Pharaoh, He gave us a new identity, new laws, new ordinances, and even a new calendar.

The reason our generation still envies the oppressor and chooses the ways of the oppressor is because we have chosen to keep the same identity as the oppressor, the same laws as the oppressor, the same ordinances as the oppressor, and the same idolatry as the oppressor.

Seeking Salvation, Justice, and Freedom should not be a crusade for our own selfishness, individualism, and branding. This only leads to failure and new ways to be conquered by your enemy.

Freedom only has one purpose. “Let my people go – that they may Worship Me.”

If we won’t keep His 10 Commandments and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, in Decency and in Order, we will never be truly free.

Exodus 18:20 And thou shalt TEACH them ORDINANCES and LAWS, and shalt shew them the WAY wherein they must WALK, and the WORK that they must do.

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