Don’t Die in the Wilderness

The Wilderness is where you go when you get freedom from Pharaoh.

The Promised Land is where you go when you get freedom from Your Own Iniquity.

Yes we need TRUTH that gives us freedom from Oppression but let’s not ignore the TRUTH that gives us freedom from our own Wicked Ways. Otherwise you just die in the Wilderness.

Don’t die in the wilderness.

1. REPENT and OBEY Gods 10 Commandments in the GRACE of the GOSPEL!
2. DELIVERANCE without DISCIPLESHIP is Dangerous (demons 7x worse are waiting to return). SUBMIT to New Covenant ORDER.
3. HEALING comes to those HUMBLE enough to RECEIVE not just Information but CORRECTION.

Let’s look at the Scriptures:

John the Baptist was in the Wilderness to Prepare the Way for the Messiah. What did He say after Yashua appeared?

“He must increase, I must decrease.”

Your wilderness ministry must decrease when you figure out who Yashua is.

When Jesus started out His New Covenant ministry to Build His Congregation, what did all the Wilderness followers of John the Baptist do?

They “found the Messiah” and followed Him.

When you find Jesus you leave the “Wilderness ministry” and follow Him making disciples and building Congregations.

Jesus went into the Wilderness for 40 days. Not a very long time at all. What happened after Jesus passed His time of Testing in the Wilderness?

He went in the power of the Spirit and taught the Kingdom to all. Jesus also demonstrated to His Apostles everything that they were supposed to do for His New Covenant Congregation.

When you are filled with the Spirit and you learn what the New Covenant requires, “Wilderness ministry” is very temporary, because your focus becomes doing exactly what the Father and the Son has Commanded – keeping His Commandments and Building His Congregations.

Paul was a Pharisee and persecuted Believers. His wilderness period was longer because He had a lot of demonic deliverance to go thru, and Jesus had to personally teach Him His Commandments and Ordinances to take to the Gentiles.

When you are delivered from internal devils and you learn what Jesus has commanded, then it becomes time for you to “leave the wilderness” and to Build Congregations.

When a person starts to wear their “Wilderness ministry” experience like a badge of employment instead of a temporary preparation/learning period, what are they really saying?

– They are rebellious and stubborn (children of Israel).

– They are complainers and usurpers of authority (Sons of Korah).

– They can’t control their anger (Moses).

– Their wilderness time has been spent complaining about food and water rather than fasting to receive revelation and power.

– They have chosen to increase in their own conceits (ideas) when it is past time for them to decrease, discover, obey the Gospel of Messiah and build New Covenant Congregations.

– They have chosen to be complainers instead of Builders and supporters of Yahshua’s New Covenant Congregation-Building Commandments and Ordinances, which are already spelled out clearly in Scripture.

– They have chosen to reject the New Covenant Messengers that Jesus has trained and sent to them; instead of joining, supporting, or helping them build New Covenant Congregations.

– They are not yet filled with the Spirit or delivered from devils, and they still need to find freedom and healing from their own iniquity and error so that they can graduate past the wilderness and become a New Covenant Congregation Builder.

Don’t Reject the Word of God or the New Covenant Messengers of God!

Don’t Die in the Wilderness!

God will always lead you to the Promised Land of His Presence… on this Rock He is building His Congregation!

God always sends us opportunities to build or help build pure, Commandment-keeping Assemblies that are full of love and holiness. Some of us are called to build them ourselves.

We have to have our eyes open and be humble enough to take those opportunities to serve.

Even if an entire generation chooses to die in the wilderness of stubbornness; YOU make your heart like Caleb & Joshua❤GO ALL IN w/YAH! 🔟👑 #meandmyhouse

What’s the Difference between the Promised Land and the Wilderness?

In the wilderness, you live on miracles.
In the promised land, you live on abundance and make miracles happen for others!
In the wilderness, God works for you.
In the promised land, God works thru you!
In the wilderness, God blesses you even in your sin, because it’s the time of ignorance
In the promised land, God judges sin ruthlessly, because you will reap exactly what you sow. But He also empowers you with grace to overcome and produce eternal fruit!



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