GODLY WOMEN: When to Keep Silent, and When to Speak – Authoritative Doctrine vs Prayer & Prophesying

Yes, Jesus spoke with women.
But Jesus chose 12 male disciples to be apostolic elders.

Yes, Paul and Apollos ministered with female apostles and prophetesses, but they were not appointed as elders in congregations.

Yes, many Godly women served as deaconesses in congregations, but none were appointed as elders/overseers (2 John 1:1).

Everything that Paul said – Jesus DID First!

Because Paul got everything directly from Jesus Himself!

Paul had to spell things out because he was speaking to Gentiles that didn’t know Hebrew culture.

Jesus first demonstrated in real life the exact same things that Paul tried to explain in the Greek language.

There’s two types of speaking in ministry:
Authoritative Doctrine: setting kingdom boundaries and LOGOS guidelines.
Prophesying: praying, testifying, singing, praising, sharing RHEMA prophetic words.

When women are commanded to prophesy or teach:
1 Corinthians 11:5 – Prophesy under authority, while demonstrating the sign of authority in congregations (headcovering).
Acts 21:9 – Phillip’s daughters did prophesy under the order of their father.
Acts 18:26 – Acquila and Priscilla did help Apollos privately.
Titus 2:4 – Older women are commanded to teach younger women to enjoy husband and children.

When women are commanded to be silent:
1 Cor 14:34-35- Silence in congregations, not setting doctrine or questioning authoritative doctrines of overseers.
1 Timothy 2:12-14 – Women cannot set authoritative didactic doctrine, or be an elder. Women must follow overseers instead of usurping authority.

Authoritative Boundaries:

  • Scriptures
  • 10 Commandments
  • Kingdom Gospel: Repent, Believe, Be Baptized, Filled with Holy Ghost
  • New Covenant Ordinances Under Messiah’s Authority (better than Moses and Abraham Hebrews 8:13)

Out of Bounds Examples:

  • Hath God said? Questioning obedience. (Genesis 3).
  • Lawlessness – Violating the 10.
  • You must be circumcised, keep feasts (Acts 15:24).
  • Following apocrypha, cunningly devised, profane fables (1 Timothy 4:7, 2 Peter 1:16).
  • Disregarding Congregational Ordinances (1 Corinthians 11:1-2, 14:34-36)

This world is MESSED UP because Eve went out of bounds!

  • Eve was deceived by a serpent voice to question obedience to the Commandment.
  • Adam refused to protect the boundaries God set.
  • He wanted the woman to like him, he didn’t want to correct her.

1 Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Creation Harmony happens when Women know when to keep silent and when to speak!

Creation Protection happens when men know when NOT to be passive and silent but when to speak!

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