Heart Checks: Iniquity vs Integrity

We choose our deceptions according to our deficiencies.

The day we stop lying to our own souls is the day we become free from deception and iniquities in our souls.

Iniquity (in-equity) is the opposite of Integrity.

Our hearts and souls must be made complete (whole, solid, balanced, integritous) in order to walk in covenant faithfulness (LOVE).

Heart Checks: How to Check the Balance of Integrity in Your Heart

You remember that one thing you know God wants you to do, but you know it will hurt your pride? If you do it quickly, He will lift you up quickly! Please obey today🙏🏽

You remember that one promise you didn’t keep? It’s not too late to either keep it, or be humble and apologize. You will be happier afterwards…please do one or the other

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