Why Babylon is Fallen

Why Babylon is Fallen

The Most High God – Ruler of Nations – is very fair and just. God could not judge America with only HALF of the nation showing their blatant lack of concern for INNOCENT BLOODSHED (abortion) and IDOLATRY (Fornication, Homosexuality).

So God had to give the OTHER HALF of the nation 8 years to see if they could develop a concern for INNOCENT BLOODSHED (Trayvon, Ahmaud, Breonna, BLM, Kaepernick) and/or repent for their own version of IDOLATRY (Economic Success, Covetousness,).

GOD gave Chance after chance. Messenger after Messenger.

NEITHER half of the Nation would repent for their OWN iniquity, they just kept POINTING at the iniquity of the OTHER HALF!

Even the Body of Christ split itself IN HALF just to avoid HUMILITY, REPENTANCE, and OBEDIENCE. They just kept WINNING debates and POINTING their finger at the iniquity of the OTHER HALF!

So Now Judgement has been set for this Nation.

Save Yourself. Prepare Yourself. Build Yourself.

Don’t Hate Yourself. Love Yourself Enough to Change.

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