Unrepentant PREPPERS and Disobedient PROTESTERS

It’s funny to see people who can sense the SIGNS of the changing times and are excited about PREPARING – but have no idea that the JUDGEMENT is coming for their own sins or how to really REPENT.UNREPENTANT PREPPERS are not wise. God’s Judgement will destroy your PREPARATION if you don’t make REPARATION for sin.It’s also funny to see people who are so aware of God’s JUDGEMENT coming for what other people have done but see no SIGNS of how to PREPARE their own OBEDIENCE for the change that’s coming down for everyone.DISOBEDIENT PROTESTERS are not wise. The same JUSTICE you ask for will fall on you if you don’t AD-JUST your life to Keep God’s Commandments.WISE HEARTS SEE BOTH TIME AND JUDGEMENTA Wise person’s heart can both REPENT from sins and PREPARE according to signs of the times. They can Discern both TIME and JUDGEMENT. They will feel no evil thing because they both keep GOD’S COMMANDMENTS and OBEY HIM.Ecclesiastes 8:5 Whoso KEEPETH the COMMANDMENT shall FEEL NO EVIL THING: and a wise man’s heart discerneth both TIME and JUDGMENT.

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