Q: Does 1 Cor. 6:16 suggests that we create marriage with our connections sexually?

A: I’ve heard people say that but im not buying that analogy as a redefinition of marriage. That Scripture was a rebuke against fornication. It wasn’t redefining the marriage covenant by saying that sin initiates covenant.

Q: Was Jesus saying that fornication starts a marriage when he told the woman at the well that she had 5 husbands?

A: No, marriage is a covenant. Covenants are binding promises spoken by the mouths of humans that are made in the image of God (See Genesis 2).
Fornication doesn’t make a marriage. When Jesus told the woman she had 5 husbands it was not redefining marriage. If that was the case He would not have said that the person she was living with at the time was not her husband yet.
Most likely he was referring to the law where if your husband died you married his brother. The woman had a hard life, like Tamar in the Genesis 39.
Samaritans were Israelite replacements and they had a mixed religion where they tried to keep some of the Mosaic laws mixed with paganism.
It’s hard for us to imagine one woman having to marry 3, 4, or 5 brothers if they die… but in a tribal/spiritual culture where men are needed to both protect their property and where keeping the family name going is important, these things happen.

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