Q: Some of you have been posting about being of the Lost Tribe of Israel, and this concerns me. If you are a Believer in Jesus, you cannot be a part of the “Lost tribe of Israel,” because you’re not lost. MY POINT brothers and sisters, since there is absolutely nothing to be gained spiritually from trying to put on a Hebrew identity, let us lose the identity of being lost people and focus on sharing and boasting in the identity we have now that Christ has found us.

A: I agree with your heart. Your purpose is on point but you are missing a lot of Scripture and research. The bible doesn’t call them the Lost tribes, it calls them the Scattered tribes of Israel.

So your foundational point of “you can’t be lost because you are in Christ” is a great point, but its not material to this particular Biblical doctrine.

Yes, we put Christ first. Yes, it’s true that we are not “Lost” if we have been found in Christ. However the Scattering of the diaspora is a real thing, as well as the blindness and the current Awakening.

The Gospel is not the only thing in the Bible. Understanding the complete Scriptures, sound doctrine, the Commandments of God, the Glory of God, and Prophetic Scriptures are also very important – especially as we come closer and closer to the return of Jesus.

There are several prophecies about the diaspora being awakened in the last days, and returning to Christ. That doesn’t mean we have to change our religion or our names or find our DNA or anything, but it does mean that the Scriptures will most definitely come to pass regardless of our opinion of them.

No I don’t boast in being a Scattered Israelite, my only boast is in Christ. But it’s good to know the backstory, especially since it was foretold and written in black & white in the Scriptures.

It’s the last days and many things that were hidden are being revealed. Many Scriptures that were sealed are being UnSealed… and that’s a blessing!

Daniel 12: 4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

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