Q: Once again i need that advice. This time its approaching a woman of GOD. All ive known is approaching wordly women. Is there a correct approach. If dont mind using yourself as an example

A: Hey brother you know I got you… My advice for approaching a woman of God, is make sure you approach God first. “Speak to the King, He will not withhold me from thee” 2 Samuel 13:13

Pray to God and get a vision for your wife. Then when God shows you who she is, you can approach her, and make your investigation with confidence.

Then when you approach her, make your approach with a plan. Have your vision and mission for life written down. Show her that you understand how she fits into it as your helpmate.

A wife is a companion and helpmate, so you have to have something worthy enough for her to help you with. It could be your desire to raise Godly children and start a family (I need help!), or your vision for a business or a ministry (I need help!). Most likely it will be both, but she needs to be able to help you with something that you both are excited about doing. She also has to respect you enough to follow your lead on the things that she is helping you with.

When I first set apart my wife to tell her that I would like to pursue a one-on-one relationship, we both wrote a “relationship vision” down on paper. I actually used the back of the paper placemat from the restaurant we were at.

I basically wrote down the direction of our courtship, how our personalities and callings would fit together, the things we would do, our boundaries. I also told her that if things went as I planned, I wanted to get married 12 months from that day.

As a leader you have to write the vision and make it plain, and the vision has to include time-based goals. It can’t be “let’s just get to know each other and see what happens…” That’s a roadmap to nowhere, and leads to a lot of fornication and life-wasting.

So if you speak to the King and get the vision, you will be able to make it plain to the one whom He has chosen to be your helpmate. Then it will be up to her to pray and see if God is confirming the same thing to her.

If it doesn’t work out, God will continue to clarify, lead, and correct both of you until you are able to make a covenant until death with the right person.

I hope this helps!

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