Sowing and Reaping in South Africa

I remember over 20 years ago I heard a sermon from a guest preacher, a European from SOUTH AFRICA, about Sowing and Reaping. He went thru several examples from the whole bible of people who had reaped exactly what they showed to others.

He went over Caanaanite King Adonizebek in Judges 1:6-7 and how he had cut off other kings’ thumbs and toes… and then it happened to him when he was caught by Judah.

He even talked about Apostle Paul and even though he was SAVED, the persecution he suffered for the gospel was because he had persecuted Christians before he became a Christian. The simplicity of the laws of sowing and reapingIt was amazing. If it wasn’t mind-blowing, I wouldn’t remember it from 20 years ago.

Everyone left that service in the fear of the Lord and in repentance for what they had done to others in their past… and making plans about how they could start sowing more GOOD things for their future.

Now I hear theres a lot of noise in SOUTH AFRICA about European farmers having their land given back to the original inhabitants of that land that they stole from in the first place!

Is this a coincidence? No. Say THANKS to YOUR PREACHERS for an anointing of sowing and reaping in your land. You were warned in the Spirit over 20 years ago.

It’s not a political issue. You dont get to complain about redistribution when you descend from the original redistributors. It’s not communism or “liberal justice”. Its Justice from the Most High. Simple Laws of Sowing and Reaping. Farmers should be the first to understand. Everyone has a right to Repent!

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