“Marriage is the most child-friendly institution the world has ever known. That’s not because the state bestows its seal of approval to your love affair. It’s child-friendly because it’s the only relationship that connects a child to both his mother and father—the only two adults to whom children have a natural right. Marriage is also child-friendly because it excludes all other adults.

Gay marriage proponents argued that children don’t care if they are missing a mother or father, because love! Polygamy supporters want us to believe children don’t care if there’s an extra mother or father, because love! Both claims are believable so long as you never ever examine any data on family structure.

Same-sex marriage is listed right above polygamy on the menu for Ways to Damage Children’s Rights. Robust studies, as opposed to those using recruited, self-reporting, or convenience samples, reveal kids with same-sex parents do not fare as well as peers living with their married mother and father. The stories told by kids with same-sex parents confirm the data. Kids struggle when their mother or father is missing, regardless of how well-loved they are by two adults of the same (or opposite) sex.

Three ‘Parents’ Aren’t Better than One, Either
So what about kids with an additional parent, like those in polygamous unions? The oft-ignored decades of data indicates non-biological parents tend to be less connected to, invested in, and protective of children in their care. While of course nearly everyone reading this can name a heroic stepparent, statistically, outcomes for kids with stepdads are on par with those raised by single mothers.

In addition, unrelated cohabiting adults pose a risk to children for abuse and neglect. This is especially true with mom’s live-in boyfriend, a standard player in poly homes like the one featured in “I’m Dating 4 Guys – And Now I’m Pregnant.” Sociologist Brad Wilcox explains why the most dangerous place for a child is in the home of mom’s cohabiting lover:

…children living with their mother and her boyfriend are about 11 times more likely to be sexually, physically, or emotionally abused than children living with their married biological parents. Likewise, children living with their mother and her boyfriend are six times more likely to be physically, emotionally, or educationally neglected than children living with their married biological parents… The science tells us that children are not only more likely to thrive but are also more likely to simply survive when they are raised in an intact home headed by their married parents.

Even stepmothers, statistically, don’t nurture another woman’s offspring as well as they do their own children. Three Princeton University economists found children who live with a stepmother were provided less health care, had less access to education, and fewer dollars were spent on their food when compared to children raised by their biological mothers.

No statistical universe exists where adding an unrelated adult, either male or female, to a home improves outcomes for children. Placing children in the care of unrelated adults is risky, the very reason adoptive parents rightly undergo heavy screening, vetting, training, background checks, home-studies, and post-placement supervision.”

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