judgement day gone hit different

There’s a False Doctrine to make ANY devil inside you feel nice & comfortable + a man ready to teach it to you.
REPENT & Keep God’s COMMANDS.🔟👑📖

you can find people that will coddle your demons… or people that will call them out and cast them out.

you can find people that will comfort your laziness… or people that will tell you to get to work.

you can find people that will give you milk bottles for your immaturity… or people that will make you grow up and feed you strong mature meat.

you can find people just as scared as you… or find people taking the risks to walk in obedience and purpose.

whatever you really want, you can find it with no problem.

there’s something for everybody.

anybody can find a church that’s cool with the sin they choose to be comfortable with… but know this: Judgement Day gone hit different.

Find people that will hold you accountable to the Truth and the Grace and the Commandments of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ in your daily life.

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