Trump is Perfect for the United States (written November 15, 2016)

I think Trump is perfect for the US because he represents exactly what this nation will be judged for. Hypocrisy, pride, sexual sin, greed, divorce, racism, self-righteousness, etc. He’s a perfect representation of the pride that goes before a fall and the froward tongue and haughty spirit that leads to destruction.


Plus, since he represents the majority and even the Christian conservatives, judgement will be evidently justified, because judgement begins in the house of God. God is the same yesterday today and forever. Unrepentant sin and pride is a sure sign of destruction.


Judgment comes to the prideful, mercy goes to those that repent. I love the fact that God prefers mercy over judgement, that’s why I always push for humility and repentance instead of promoting pride and iniquity – for political and economic gain – then whitewashing it to call it Gods will.


Liberal Christians were decieved by Obama and paid for it spiritually by sowing into the gay agenda and delusion. Conservative Christians are being deceived by Trump and will pay for it spiritually by sowing into an agenda of destruction if we as the Body don’t repent and become humble and unified instead of prideful and divided by politics.


My belief is that God’s opportunity for repentance was with humble leaders such as Ron Paul and Ben Carson (before he bowed and kissed the ring). We rejected character and integrity, and we proved that we value pride and arrogance instead. According to Scripture, if a ruler listens to lies, all his servants are wicked. It’s the followers that are characterized by their leader, not the other way around.


I was barely out of my teens when Kwame Kilpatrick was running for Mayor of Detroit. I happened to hear him talk on the radio and I immediately knew he was two-faced. Then I saw a bunch of Pastors and Prophets laying hands on him and calling him the Lords Anointed. A couple years later… crickets. I remember a bunch of Christians promoting Obama. They hated me for calling out his hypocrisy. A few months later when he started his LGBT championship run… crickets. I’m not impressed with prophets and preachers that jump on, lay hands on, promote, strengthen the hands of sinners/winners, but don’t seem to have the power to turn them away from their iniquity.


True repentance is never private, it’s always public. That’s Christianity 101. Trump is an actor and a hypocrite and he performed his craft like a surgeon. He was masterful in what he said and didn’t say. He made sure every poor white person that was scared of blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans knew he would put them first. Same old lie from the beginning of the U.S. The rich divide poor whites from everybody else to cause division and racism to rise. We’ll go back to the old days and make it great again. Then lie to the Christians and tell them exactly what they want to hear. He did it perfectly.


Trump is THE big city salesman that was needed to fool the frustrated small town silent majority. Not all Trump supporters are racist but they decided that racism wasn’t a dealbreaker. They were willing to ride a bus that rolled over their brethren in Christ. Trump’s rhetoric attacked everyone except for them, so he seemed like a champion for them. They chose him to fight for them and against everyone else.


The reason why the race issue precedes the abortion issue, is because the race issue is the root of the abortion issue. The eugenics movement was planned, plotted, financed, and promoted specifically to decrease the black population and the black vote.

So you can’t cut the branch sin (abortion) and water the root sin (racism), it’s just another way for you to fail.

So you actually will change nothing by voting in the lesser of two evils if you allow pride to win over humility.



My problem is not with Trump. To me Trump is just a regular guy who needs salvation. I’ll pray for him just like anybody else. But I’ll also be praying for the Body of Christ to reconnect with the Head Jesus Christ and reject all this political manipulation and sorcery. Once you demonstrate that you value power over principle, you become useless to the truth.


I have no concerns with the election. My concerns are for the Body of Christ. Political and Ethnic division comes from our disconnection from the One Head and the One King Jesus. I tear down lies in hopes that we can unify in the Truth. When the Body is divided over racial and political lines, and even unbelievers can see it and are embarrassed. God will recover the glory of His name from these vain prophecies of political gain.


“He that justifies the wicked, and condemns the just. Both are abomination to the Lord.” Proverbs 17.

Politics sure brings out the abomination in so-called Christians. They will find a wicked candidate, and if they think they can win they’ll do all types of back flips and vain prophecies to justify them. Then they’ll find a just person, and condemn them for not supporting their wicked candidate.


Pride and Arrogance will NOT bring revival, it will bring nothing but destruction and open shame. God’s Word hasn’t changed because of any fear-based national emergency. There will be no national unity. But there will be unity in the Body of Christ WHEN we turn back to the Lord. Lay down your false American burdens and vain prophecies and pick up the Lords yoke which was supposed to be easy and light.


Lord purify your Bride from the corrupt quest for political control. Purge us from those who would trample their brethren for political and economic conquest. “If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight. But my kingdom is not of this world.” – Jesus the King


Conservatives told me that Clinton’s sexual behavior in the White House increased sexual deviance in the youth of America. Then they said Obama’s philosophies helped spread liberal ideology all over America.

Now they tell me Trump’s blasting of every people group other than himself has no causal relationship with all the tension, violent incidents and threats that minorities are testifying to all over America. That’s just the media!

“Sometimes you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated.” – Donald Trump.

Yeah it worked Donald. You are still a great salesman. No surprise here.

But Christians were motivated by this rhetoric too? That’s sad.


Apostle Peter, Apostle Paul. Both Christians, both Apostles. One preaching the gospel in the big city. The other preaching the gospel in smaller cities. One had to challenge the other for tolerating ethnocentrism. The other had to listen and repent. Humility allowed this to happen.

Let’s move the Body of Christ forward before we try to move a fallen world forward. “American Greatness” at the expense of a Divided Body is a bad tradeoff.



Anybody that thinks I’m partial or partisan in my passion to see the body of Christ trust in the Lord and in the Lords Spirit of Liberty instead of in Republican and Democratic political games, please go check my timeline from 2007, 2008, 2009. I’m an equal opportunity preacher. I prayed for Obama and I will pray for Trump, but my most earnest prayer is Repentance, Truth, and Unity for the Body of Christ. Let’s put our Hope for Change in Jesus Christ and Make the Body of Christ Great Again.

  • Esosa Osai
  • 11/15/2016
  • 3:56pm

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