Covenant Mirrors vs Screentime Hypocrites

Scripture shows you who you are.
Marriage shows you who you are.
Children show you who you are.
Discipleship shows you who you are.

Social Media, Media, & Entertainment show you who the Hypocrites are.

Covenants are a Mirror. They help you become like Christ eternally for an eternal Reward.
Screens (used in excess) are a Distraction. You’ll become just like the hypocrites you watch.

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Many many people in a wicked fatherless generation are Constantly Seeking for Truth and Purpose in the Broad Ways:

Media BROADcasts
YouTube BROADcasts
Entertainment BROADcasting
Acting for Cameras and Stages.

While they despise and run away from the Narrow Way:

Keeping the Commandments of God
Following the Faith of Jesus
Discipleship in Kingdom Order
Accountability to Biblical Elders

– Your heart will never be fulfilled in the broad way.

– Only a few will find the Narrow way.

– Will you be one of the few?

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