A Culture of Life: 4 ways NOT to be a hypocrite while you protest abortion

A culture of life is a culture of giving, loving, and raising children in holiness without fear.

4 Ways NOT to Be a Hypocrite while You Protest Abortion:

1. Adoption is just one way to live against the fear and economic greed of abortion. Adoption is just one of the ways not to be a hypocrite on the abortion issue. Adopt a child if you can. God sets the solitary in families. (Psalm 68:6)

2. Another way – allocate a portion of the finances within your Congregation to give consistent resources and support to fatherless children. Also help widows that live holy and serve faithfully. God is a father to the fatherless and a defender of widows. (Psalm 68:5.)

3. If you are unmarried, stop fornicating, and be celibate. If you are married, stop using birth control and believe God to provide for all the children that He gives. The anointing of Motherhood contends with the spirit of abortion. This is normal – so normal that God has provided for families living this way for thousands of years. Less than 50 years ago, even families in the US averaged 6-8 children. God provided for them all. It’s normal and it’s a blessing.

4. The fundamental way not to be a hypocrite while you protest abortion in America is to cut out the roots – dont allow the economic racism of the U.S.A. to influence your political or economic choices. American government sponsored abortion is based in economic racism. Eugenics, abortion, and birth control in the U.S.A. all stemmed from a desire to limit the expansion of the Negro/Hebrew/Scattered Israelite people. If you support political racism and greedy economics, your protest against abortion is empty and weak.

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