Activate… 4th Beast Power!

Trump is ending the separation of church and state… which is a goal of the Roman Catholic church (Anti Christ system). At the same time he is declaring Jerusalem (which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8) to be capital of State of Israel (which is not true Israel). True Israel is in only Christ. This is the 2nd beast of Rome 13 (USA) setting the stage for the first beast (RCC) to setup and control Jerusalem (spiritually sodom and egypt, where our Lord was Crucified).

Not only that… but the US destabilized Libya, and Israel blocks Nigerians from going to Europe through Israel, so they both combined (US & Israel Rev 13 beast) to trap West Africans (Scattered Israelites) in CHATTEL SLAVERY in 2017.

This 4th beast comes from Daniel Chapter 7, which is the Roman Empire (RCC+The Western Colonizing Nations).

We are watching bible prophecy unfold let’s read our bibles an make sure we use scripture to interpret scripture!


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