n-words, bywords, or God’s words?

The same so-called preachers that don’t want you to know who you are as the Scattered Israelites will secretly call you the n-word and curse you.

They define us using bywords, but they are scared of God’s words. They don’t want us to be blessed as a group, but they don’t mind is being cursed as a group. #sorcery

If I discover my heritage and stay true to the gospel they still say I’m making my heritage an idol – Christ is sufficient, He is enough.

Meanwhile they stay bound to their false cultural idols (denominations, evangelicalism, politics, nationalism, racism, entertainment) right next to the Christ that they told me was sufficient. #hypocrites

When you study the Bible Scriptures that talk about the Awakening of Israel in the last days, it connects you to Reality of God’s plan hidden in Christ.

When you don’t, you get stuck thinking that your culture is based on skin color, entertainment, sports, oppression, poverty, and victimhood.

The people that are fighting this understanding are the very people who are remaining ignorant! Your choice!

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