From Trayvon to Alt-right, JUDGEMENT is coming

When two of your children have a conflict, any sane parent will first determine who is the aggressor. 

What sorcery causes us to dismiss this simple wisdom in matters of racial injustice? Who started it? Two wrongs dont make a right, BUT if you refuse to determine and acknowledge the aggressor you are either dumb, scared, or you are wicked and unjust.
I’ve been preaching this since 2012 with Trayvon Martin. At this point the majority of the fake American Kultural Khristian Kirk is guilty of WILLFULL ignorance. I’m not afraid to preach repentance!

When “black” people come to peacefully protest (in defense) a murder where the murderer goes free, they are called thugs and evangelicals start talking about Romans 13. 

The Alt right came to Charlottesville armed with guns… but fake American Kulture Khristians forgot about Romans 13 in this situation. Weve gotta blame both sides instead of pointing at the aggressor. GOD SEES THRU YOUR HYPOCRISY AND YOU MUST REPENT 

Proverbs 3

30 Strive not with a man without cause,

if he have done thee no harm.

31 Envy thou not the oppressor,

and choose none of his ways.
Its a very exciting time for those that are willing to repent and denounce this wicked Babylon political system. For those that continually defend it and remain under its sorcery – they will be judged right along with it. God’s Judgement has 2 sides – blessings and curses.
Trump is just a reflection of the Christians in this nation. We deflect and won’t repent, so why would he repent instead of deflect? I pray God’s Word pricks our hearts because judgement is coming soon.
Those that are not willing to denounce the political system and sorcery of America will be judged right along with it. Those that reject it and follow the Bible instead of American Kulture Khristianity – those saints will be blessed.

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