who should the Body support?

who should the Body support?
3rd John 7 because that for his name’s sake they went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles. 8 We therefore ought to receive such, that we might be fellowhelpers to the truth.
True servants of God don’t brag about support they get from unbelievers. Apostle John teaches that congregations should only help and receive ministers that go boldly in the name of Jesus and don’t get financial support for their ministry from unbelievers.

What I see in that scripture is a team of ministers that were bold about the name of Jesus. That type of ministry is usually not accepted by unbelievers… until they start believing, which was the point. Not saying you gotta do background checks on every donation. But the point is be bold about the name of Jesus instead of crusading for, or campaigning for, or scheming to raise support from people that don’t believe your message. Preach with boldness and let support come from those that receive the message of Christ.

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