Understand the Wisdom of the Tenth, Firstfruits, and Freewil Offering

Tithe means 10% Tithe means 10%Tithe means 10%Period. Very simple to understand. Tithe does not mean food. It means ten percent. Tithe is a numerical word. It’s a number word. It means tenth.
What are the main biblical words are used for giving to the priesthood or to God?1. Tithe2. Firstfruit3. OfferingThis is God’s wisdom:
“Tithe” provides a Guide Line for the general AMOUNT we give.
“Firstfruit” provides a Guide Line for the ORDER in which we give.
“Offering” provides a Guide Line for the HEART ATTITUDE with which we give.If the rich man decides to give 1 percent and thinks he is making a big sacrifice… and the poor man decides to give 30% and watch his family starve… God’s WISDOM prevented this by giving a Guide Line called “tithe.”If someone decide to keep all his money for 30 years and then give God the last 10 years of his salary… Gods wisdom gave us a word called “firstfruits” prevent him from giving God his lastfruits.
If someone decided to give God a tax at the end of every year… Gods wisdom prevented this because He asked for a “free will offering” instead of a tax.These are all Guide Lines. Not tools for condemnation, but Wise Guidelines.
God leads us individually by His Spirit, but He also leads us by His Wisdom.I thank God for giving us Wisdom and Guide Lines! They help us understand how His Design WORKS!God is a Master of Assembly aka Chief Engineer. Everything He designed is with wisdom. Everything He designed works perfectly at what it was designed to do.He designed pork and shrimp to be the bottom feeders, and they are unclean. When He says not to eat those animals, it’s not because He doesn’t like you… He’s not going to hit you when you eat bacon. It’s because He understands HIS design better than you do. He knows that His design works, and He knows how it works. God is smarter than we are.When you follow God’s Wisdom Guide Lines, or Principles, or Laws, you will find that they actually work. That’s what He has designed them to do. THEY WORK FOR WHAT THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR.God is smarter than us and He knows how finances work better than we do.
God doesn’t condemn you if you give more or less than 10%. It is a simply a guideline that works to do exactly what God designed it to do – make His kingdom grow.
Is there still a priesthood to give tithes, offerings, and firstfruits too?Yes, in Christ we are all priests. So we give to the Assembly of Saints, and the Overseers distribute this money according to who has need, and according to the purpose of Gods Congregation: the teaching, the worship, the poor, and the administration.This is not just an Old Testament thing, this is seen clearly in the book of Acts, and it was led by the Holy Spirit.

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