Manipulators Know How Suppress the Truth

Manipulators Know How Suppress the Truth.

  • If you speak too much truth, they say you don’t have enough love, mean.
  • If you show too much love, they say you must be fake, weak, or too soft, not a good leader.
  • If you calmly explain what you believe, they call you a know-it-all, stuck up, boring.

Manipulators will never be satisfied. They are skillful at rebellion and they know how to suppress the truth for their own benefit.

A spirit of rebellion needs deliverance and healing, not just preaching or teaching.

If people refuse to be delivered and healed… Just keep pleasing God, keep testifying, and represent Him well!

Everyone is responsible for their own soul. Those that hear and obey the truth will be saved, and that’s what matters in the end.

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