Conservative Racism vs Liberal Racism

Conservative Racism

After the FBI destroyed Marcus Garvey, the pattern was set. Anyone that ever did anything substantial against the sorcery of racism in this country was always called Anti-American, leftist, liberal, or communist.

After those labels are thrown around at you they can just murder you or your reputation and claim its for the good of America. Label, distract, destroy.

Then the name of law & order, they can instigate conflict, then murder those whom they instigated conflict with. This pattern can be seen from Martin Luther King to the Black Panthers to Trayvon Martin.

The “label, distract, destroy” plan goes all the way back to the 13th amendment. This is when slavery was made illegal, except in the case of imprisonment. So while the Republicans ended slavery, they conveniently left the door open for the plan of labeling “blacks” as criminals and then destroying them.

They don’t realize that by labeling anyone that protests the sorcery of racism anti-American, leftist, or liberal they subliminally place anyone that is pro-America, right wing, or conservative in the category of pro-racist. That’s how the people feel no matter what you say different afterwards.

Moral of the story is watch the labels you throw around, you will reap what you sow!

Liberal Racism

The only reason that liberals are better at hiding their racist sorceries than conservatives are is because they have been doing it a lot longer. Remember, the Democrat Party lost the Civil War and lost many lives trying to secede from the United States in order to keep slavery.

After they lost the war they became experts at Eugenics (abortion), and funding various health care experiments designed to decimate black populations. They also started the KKK and killed and lynched Republicans both black and white.

They know how to kill us and make us ask for more by hiding the plans in clever policies and laws like health care, medical experimentation, and welfare. This also started with the black codes and Jim Crow laws.

They also set a major pattern for connecting media & entertainment imagery to white supremacy and black degradation in the name of free speech. When the first movie “Birth of a Nation” was released, membership in the Ku Klux Klan skyrocketed all over the United States.

So while conservative racism is more obvious and arrogant, liberal racism is much more satanic, clever and sneaky.

Moral of the story: don’t be ignorant of satan’s devices.

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