what about black on black crime?

what about black on black crime?
Its actually pretty stupid when people say “Stop complaining about police killings, black people kill black people all the time.”It’s a lack of intelligence and biblical understanding.
It’s not the killing that people protest. People get killed all the time. It’s the fact that the killing goes “unpunished”.
Like abortion. Black people killing each other is always punished by the government. Abortion is not. Police killings are often not.
Government chooses not to punish abortion. Government has also chosen not to punish several police murders. That’s the point.
Innocent blood without justice cries out to God.
Even if you choose not to care, you can just read Genesis 4 to get an understanding of how innocent blood without justice cries out to God.
There is ALWAYS going to be an outcry when innocent blood is shed without justice.
When the Government chooses when or when not to do its job, God eventually gets involved.
It’s a spiritual issue.If you choose to be biblically and spiritually ignorant of this, that’s your choice.

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