Samaritans can’t teach us worship but they can show us how to Love our Neighbor

Samaritans did not know God. Jesus told them they didn’t even know how to worship. But Jesus used a Samaritan as an example to show His disciples how to love their neighbor.

He portrayed the religious authorities passing on by, but the Samaritan showed love.

Jesus did not say the Samaritan “got saved first” then showed his neighbor love.

Jesus did not call him “good Samaritan” either (man added that).

Jesus simply used the Samaritan as an example of showing love – to instruct His disciples on how to show love.

So Jesus taught His disciples humility (learning from their ideological “enemy”) at the same time He taught them how to love their neighbor.

Believers, we are NOT called to partner with the ungodly in worship ministry… but that does not mean that every single thing an ungodly person does is wrong.

Sometimes we believers need to humble ourselves and follow the example of a Samaritan in order to follow Christ.

Samaritans cannot teach us how to worship but sometimes Jesus uses them to teach us how to love our neighbor.

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